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A Basic Weather App

Posted on Sat 23 Apr 2016

meteo app preview

As a second assignment, we have to design an app that queries current user location and give basic weather information from the nearest meteo station, displaying appropriate icons. It was also required to allow the user to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit units. This app uses the Open Weather API. (Update: Unfortunately the "get current position" feature now only work in secure mode and I haven't get a certificate yet).

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A Wikipedia Browser

Posted on Sun 24 Apr 2016

wikipedia screenshot

For this third assignment in the FreeCodeCamp front-end development cursus, we are asked to build an app which makes use of the Wikipedia API. That is: a click on a button should bring a random page, and an input in a search field should bring a list of the ten most related pages, with a short overview.

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Posted on Sun 24 Apr 2016

twitchtv screenshot

In the fourth intermediate front end development project, we make use of the API to list the status of a pre-defined lst of users, with a link to their stream if they are online. A placeholder is kept for users no longer in the twitchtv users data.

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Tic-Tac-Toe Game on a Green Board

Posted on Wed 12 Oct 2016

Green Board with tic-tac-toe game drawn with chalk

For the third advanced front end project, we are asked to program a tic-tac-toe game. Given the simplicity of the game, it was easy to design an unbeatable AI without having recourse to the minimax algorthm . For the graphical representation, I made an emulation of chalk handwritings on a green board. Near natural handwriting is rendered by generating unique SVG paths with random data points, so no one mark is identical.

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